At a very young age, a talented young Dutch girl named Merel took her first steps in music.
When she was a little girl, Merel sang and performed for her family.

At the age of 8 she went to gymnastics and won several medals over the years. Merel still uses her gymnastic skills when she dances on TikTok.

Merel is inspired by several artists like Adele, Maan, Sera, but sometimes just likes to turn the volume up and then listens to the music from Hardwell and Martin Garrix.
When she hears tunes, she dances and sings along wether in the train, in school or just at home. She is always dancing and singing and simply can’t sit still.

In April 2022  Merel was discovered by a music producer in The Netherlands and he asked her if she wanted to sing for a track he already produced. Her beautiful voice and the sound she creates is just amazing! Merel joined forces with, singer-songwriter Simone Nijssen and Monty Wells for her first single to sing – Feeling of Love –

These are the first steps in her promissing music career and she is going to level up step by step to make her dreams come true.